NORTHMONT Summer Learning
District was ahead of the curve on remote learning

On March 13, when Gov. DeWine announced the closure of school buildings, Northmont was prepared for a situation no one had ever experienced. A few years ago, Northmont went all in with One-to-One technology, giving our students the best opportunity to continue learning despite the pandemic.

Do we prefer face-to-face learning? Absolutely! Because the district was well positioned we were able to provide an equitable learning environment. Every student had access to devices and our students and teachers knew how to use the devices for text to speech and other accessibility tools.

The integration of technology into student learning experiences has been a part of the district’s Strategic Plan for many years.

Eight years ago, the district began providing iPads to high school students to allow them to learn non-traditionally. As the district saw success with these tools, it expanded the program to provide iPads to each student districtwide for the past two years.

With devices in place across the district for each student, teachers were already creating learning experiences that go beyond the classroom walls. Teachers were provided professional learning on how to use these devices to promote creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. Northmont is one of 10 districts in the state that Apple recognizes as an Elite One-to-One District for the past two years. This recognition provides opportunities for the district to receive access to professional development and to be a part of a cohort of districts that share ideas and resources.

Before the governor’s announcement, Northmont was already preparing for the possibility of remote learning. Professional development and resources were being provided to teachers, parents were receiving communication about what it would look like and how to provide feedback, and students were shown how to access work and assignments while at home. This planning helped the Northmont community be prepared for these months of remote learning. While it has not always been easy, parents, students, and teachers have overwhelmingly provided positive feedback about the remote learning experiences.

One teacher said, “The silver lining in this process is when I return to teach I will be armed with a much better grasp and arsenal of technology that I can use in the classroom. I think once all of the craziness subsides and we become acquainted with whatever ‘normal’ is going to be, we’ll all be better teachers for the experience.”

Throughout this remote learning experience, Northmont teachers and administrators continue to engage in conversations with others from around the state to share ideas and best practices.

The district is also participating in a Remote Learning Alliance Steering Committee organized by the Montgomery County and Central Ohio Education Service Centers. This committee is dedicated to supporting the work of all districts no matter what role remote learning plays in the future.

While we do not know what the future of education looks like, Northmont will continue to lead the way by offering our students the high-caliber education that our community expects and our students deserve.