Preschool Promise builds on success, strives for growth
Students in Preschool Promise programs are making significant academic and social gains throughout Dayton.
Thanks to voters’ overwhelming passage of Issue 9 in November 2016, Dayton is the first city in the Midwest to offer every family, regardless of income, the chance to send their 4-year-old to an affordable and quality preschool.

In the 2017-18 school year, Preschool Promise scaled up and became available city wide, building on a successful 2016-17 pilot program in Northwest Dayton.

Dayton has worked in partnership with Montgomery County to make Preschool Promise a reality for all families.

Today Preschool Promise is focused on three things:
■ Educating the community about the power of preschool to prepare children for kindergarten and ensure they start school on track, not behind.

■ Improving the quality of preschools by offering robust professional development and intensive coaching to teachers, while also helping programs afford to improve programming for their young learners.

■ Supporting families by providing sliding-scale tuition assistance to all families, regardless of income.

Here are some of the Preschool Promise accomplishments of 2018:
■ More than 1,060 families who live in the city of Dayton/ Dayton Public Schools boundaries joined Preschool Promise in the 2017-18 school year.

■ 55 Dayton preschools participated in Preschool Promise, giving families great preschool options.

■ 11 additional Dayton preschools joined Preschool Promise this school year.

■ 15 preschool providers in Dayton increased their Star Rating under Ohio’s Step Up to Quality initiative.

■ Outreach specialists were hired to spread the word in every Dayton neighborhood about Preschool Promise.

■ allows families to join Preschool Promise online and from cellphones.

■ More than 600 Dayton families joined the Preschool Promise Star Attendance program, which provides a $25 reward each month if their child has 90 percent or better attendance.

■ Families in Preschool Promise can choose to receive three text messages each week with ideas about how to keep their children learning at home.

■ 87 teachers in Dayton joined one of multiple year-long professional learning communities to improve their skills.

■ Preschool Promise became a stand-alone organization with a board of directors (a majority appointed by the city of Dayton).

The most important result is that students in Preschool Promise programs are making significant academic and social gains. Students are outpacing expected gains on nationally normed assessments.

For more information on Preschool Promise, call 937-329-2700 or go to