Dayton candidates discuss public safety
Commission hopefuls asked about preventing mass incidents.
Staff report

Four candidates are running for two seats on the Dayton City Commission this November. For our online voters guide, we asked them about issues important to the city and the region. This week we are taking a look at their answers.

The deadline to register to vote is Monday, Oct. 7. Early voting starts Tuesday, Oct. 8.

Q: In light of the mass shooting in the Oregon District, what do you think needs to be done to keep an incident like that from happening again? Shenise Turner-Sloss: Incidents such as the Oregon District tragedy are hard to manage and prepare for. This is an issue that far outweighs conversations of gun control; however, these are conversations that need to happen regardless.

I have been to numerous city attractions where the entertainment districts are completely closed off to cars, have one or two entrances that are guarded with metal detectors and security.

While this does not ensure that tragedies like this will not happen, it places more obstacles and deterrents for shootings like this to be carried out.

Furthermore, it gives people wishing to patronize the area more of a sense of security with a set-up such as this.

David Esrati: This is above my pay grade. It’s not a local issue.

However, I don’t believe in private police forces like those of rich private institutions like the University of Dayton, or Premier Health or Kettering Healthor public institutions like Sinclair, Wright State or Metroparks.

I believe our police department needs to be rebuilt to a force of over 500 officers and the way to do that is to no longer allow private police to exist — either hire our officers, or pay a licensing fee equal to the average officers salary.

The death of Samuel DuBose in Cincinnati at the hands of a University of Cincinnati police officer should have been the end of private armies for institutions. Until this country adopts sensible gun policy, we are lucky that the DPD was there and did their job so well.

Matt Joseph: The mass shooting in the Oregon District was a horrific event that shook our city to its core. No community should ever have to face this level of atrocity ever again, but the sad fact is that until our state and federal legislators act, these heinous crimes will continue.

As a city, Dayton will continue to support the work of our police while also recognizing there are many root causes of gun violence and that gun violence occurs all too often in our neighborhoods every day.

At the state level, I support Gov. DeWine’s proposal to create red flag laws, background checks and increased penalties for certain gun felonies.

I believe we should go even further with a ban on assault weapons, guns that should be for military use, and not part of everyday life here at home. I would hope that the federal government pursues these policies as well.

Chris Shaw: The shooting in the Oregon District was an avoidable tragedy.

I am grateful to the Dayton Police for their courageous response that prevented this tragedy from claiming even more lives.

We must put pressure on legislators at the state and federal level to prevent these kinds of mass shootings from happening again. We also know, however, that gun violence is a problem that impacts families across Dayton every day and that solutions must encompass the challenges all our communities face.

I support the bipartisan efforts of Mayor Whaley and Governor DeWine to implement common sense gun legislation that will help make our communities safer. 


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