Brookville opens new fire station, will close 2 others
The 23,000-square-foot station, at 775 E. Upper Lewisburg-Salem Road, sitson 2.74 acres. The city broke ground for the new station in November 2016. TY GREEN LEES /STAFF
By Emily Kronenberger Staff Writer
Brookville's new fire station will serve as a state-of- the-art training center and allow the city to close two older fire stations.

The new Fire Sta ti on 76 is the flagship of the city's facilities and will set the tone for future development on the new Market Street, said City Manager Gary Burk holder.

The facility-which the city issued $6.3 million in bonds to pay for-is expected to be used for the next 50-70 years.

The new station was put into service on Thursday morning.

Capt. Jim Hart raised the city flag, Capt. Dan Wolferaised the Ohio flag and Capts. Ed Ullery and Mike Hen sley raised the American flag.

"It's a much-needed improvement," said Lt. Tyler Ullery. "It's big."

The 23,000-square-foot station, at 775 E. Upper Lewis burg-Sal em Road, sit son 2.74 acres. The city broke ground for the new station in November 2016.

Up to nine firefighters will be housed at the new building around the clock, said Brookville Fire Chief Ron Fletcher. The department now staffs five firefighters and the chief on a 40-hour shift.

The facility will be used regionally as a training center and emergency operations center. The station will serve the communities of Brookville, northern Perry Twp. and southern Clay Twp.

Burk holder praised what he called a timely decision to build the facility.

"With rising interest rate sand the scarcity of workforce, the city made the right decision to move forward when it did. If we were to start this project today, the cost could be up to $500,000 higher," he said.

The other two stations in the city will close. Station 1 has been in operation for 67 years and will likely be sold, Fletcher said. Station 2 has been in service for more than 35 years and will be re-purposed for the service department to use for the storage of equipment.

The fire department will have an open house from 1 to 3p.m., July 22. The event is open to the public.

Visit the fire department's website or contact the chief at 937-833-2345 for more information.